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Gorgeous Baby Sun Hats

raspberry peony baby sun hats

Sweet Sun Hat Style Ideal

Sweet sun hat style ideal for babies and toddlers with lined crown, frilly brim and Velcro™ straps to keep it securely on little heads. A sun hat is a great way to protect babies and children’s faces and necks from the sun. Always encourage your child to wear a sun hat. We offer different designs, some sun hats with ties, some without as per your preference.This white sun hat for babies and toddlers is made of 100% cotton with a Velcro chin strap (not shown in photo) and a soft, fabric flower.Keep your little one looking adorable while protecting her from the sun! Sun hat features a wide brim and sweet details. These look so fun with any outfit, and make gorgeous portraits.Jamie Raes fabulous flower sun hats keep your delicate flower shaded and looking adorable outdoors Made with a jumbo white peony flower. Center of each flower has a pretty sparkle gem.

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