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Firdous Chiffon Collection 2013 Summer Women Dresses

Firdous Chiffon Collection In Stitching Styles

Firdous Chiffon Girls Collection 2013 (14)

The stitching styles of this collection are simple such as long and short shirts with trousers, tights and churidar pajamas.Firdous Cloth Mills has brought the fashion of Capri again through this collection.These beautiful Pakistani dresses are looking awesome, which are perfect for casual wear and party wear both.The colors used for this collection are bright such as red, blue, black, green and etc etc. Firdous Cloth Mills have fully embellished with embroidery an lovely prints .

Firdous Chiffon Girls Collection 2013 (13)

Accessories including shoes and bags are also provided by Firdous cloth mills. The company is now very famous in the country.  Women clothing is the most popular fashion in the world especially because of lots of colours. The colours you can use in women clothing, may be you can not use them in men or kids clothing.  Firdous cloth Mills offers fabrics for women. It also provides fabrics to make clothes for men. Now, it’s also make sewn clothing. Apart from that, the company providing accessories for the home and bed sheets.

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