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How To tie Winter Scarf

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how to tie winter scarf

Different How To tie Winter Scarf

With the colder weather arriving in our Roaring Fork Valley, I thought I’d share a great article I found describing some of the different ways on how to tie a winter scarf.  Enjoy!Winter Scarf has dual aspects as it provide a good look if it has been tied in a good manners between the fluffy stuff and secondly it provides you a good in winter and your feel more relaxed and comfortable in the Cashmere Winter Scarf. Winter Scarf over the shoulder now made a few wraps of the scarf around your neck your can your can also wear a jacket with it as the jacket flaps will hold the scarf in place and the cashmere is warm for your neck. Tie the scarf in the semi tie style and then at the back of your neck wrap it then cross the right one over the left in full circle round took the tail of the scarf upward before tucking it through the loop you just created.


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