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Fashion Scarf manufacture Co., Ltd’s scarfs, hats and accessories are exported to over 100 countries and regions, including European countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Russia etc; African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa , Angola, D.R.Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt etc; American countries such as US, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil,Guatemala etc and many Asia countries. Fashion Scarf manufacture Co., Ltd is one of the largest private enterprises in China specialized in manufacturing all kinds of pashmina shawl scarf, artifical pashnina shawl. shawl suppliers,shawl suppliers,shawl suppliers india,shawl suppliers malaysia,shawl suppliers amritsar,cotton shawl suppliers,pashmina shawl suppliers,china shawl suppliers,baby shawl suppliers,faux fur shawl suppliers,chiffon shawl suppliers

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