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New Collection Of Silk Shawl

These were called China crepe shawls, China shawls, and in Spain  mantones de Manila” because they were shipped to Spain from China via the port of Manila.Silk shawls with fringes, made in China, were available by the first decade of the 19th century. Ones with embroidery and fringes were available in Europe and the Americas .The best quality shawls is Pashmina which are made of Pashmina, the wool of the wild Asian mountain goat.The Big Raw Silk Shawls are one of our most luxurious products in the silk collection. They are the biggest items from the collection of silk scarves.and are available in six colors: Dark red, Orange, Yellow, Fuchsia, Grey, and Natural. The raw silk threads are further prepared for the weaving process by hand. The most distinguished particularity of the raw silk is its irregular aspect which gives a unique and beautiful surface which is appealing to the sight and smooth to the touch.Large fine and hand woven silk shawl created by skilled artisans in a small village in North West Cambodia.

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