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Tie Dye Scarf

Colorful Tie Dye Scarf

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Famous Tie Dye Scarf

Wool blend tie dye scarf. Michael Kors scarf has a tassel trim. 50% cashmere, 30% wool, 20% angora. Dry clean.lightweight scarves are being draped around bare necks from the runways of Paris to the streets of Any Town, USA. This tie dye scarf from Curations updates any classic ensemble with its chic tie dye pattern and vibrant hues. Black, brown, green (lime green), turquoise (light blue), purple, pink (fuchsia), yellow, navy or orange. scarf, now available in in multi-colored unique tie dye prints. Each piece is hand-dyed, making its pattern completely unique.weddings of the Khatri dyers’ own daughters) or rough wool, but usually it is very permeable muslin which is folded in four before the tying process commences. This is supervised by the head of the family, but all the members, including the women and children, are involved. Those who actually tie the cloth grow a long nail on the little finger of the left hand, or wear a ring with a little blunt spike on it, with which they push the layers of cloth upwards from underneath to form a tiny peak. Some details of coloring are spot dyed: yellow dots are often daubed with blue to make green, for example. Dyers in Kutch and Saurashtra commonly work with three or four different dye baths. The workers of Saurashtra origin generally produce patterns of fine spiraling dots in a single color on a deep red ground.

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