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Ways Tie Winter Scarf

Ways Tie Winter Stylish Scarf

Ways Tie Winter Scarf copy
Ways Tie Winter Colorful  Scarf

A warm neck goes a long way when there are temperatures below freezing and 40 MPH winds. Cover yourself up with a stylish scarf and keep that chill from cooling you to the core.  With over 7 ways to tie it, a scarf can be a winter survival essential and a risk free fashion statement.I also wanted to show you some of my favorite scarf finds so far. I’m partial to cowls & infinity scarves because they’re so cozy, but I’ve been taking all of my “regular” scarves and tying them to give that cowl illusion. ENDLESS options! Here are some fun ones I found this weekend.  Scarfs are quickly becoming a staple piece in many women’s closets and with fall quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to wear one. With so many fabric types and patterns available, scarfs can be paired with almost any outfit for a fashionable and sassy touch.

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