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Wool pashmina shawls, pure wool pashmina shawls, elegant wool pashmina shawls, exquisitely styled and created of superior quality fabrics. These fabrics are woven in luxurious, thick double twist yarn, for longevity. With a graceful and flowing drape, embroidery embellishment, and borders of luxuriously long, hand-knotted fringes, these exclusive designer shawls stand apart for their exquisite beauty and refined nature.The Wool Company, we have sourced carefully to ensure we bring you the very best product we could find. Pashmina is a very over-used word to describe a shawl – even one made from man-made materials. But a REAL pashmina is made using only the finest cashmere fleece from the underbelly of a goat native to the Himalayas which produces two coats – a thick coarse ‘over coat’ and an incredibly fine fleece that it uses to keep it very warm even in sub zero temperatures. It is this precious fleece that is used in our pashminas.

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